Your unique wine partner.

Our field of expertise

The search, the selection and a quick response to your requirements for French wines according to your specifications of quality and price

Our Strengths

> A small company, reactive and with small overheads to be cheap
 > Independent towards production to be free to choose more widely and rigorously
 > A very precise knowledge of the producers, big and small, units

Our offer

Reds, whites and rosés ranging from, IGP (Indication Géographique Protégée) from France, Varietal wines, and AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée)  wines to the Grands Crus

Our logo

Why do you have a black glass as a Logo ? Is it a kind of crazy design idea ?
It is quite uneasy to taste wine in that type of glass !

NO it is not a crazy design idea and yes it is not easy to taste in that type of glass. But it is the only way to get rid of first sight judgment; a strong color, doesn’t mean a rich or powerful taste.
That black glass means that we are uncompromising wine taster for our selection. Only the best at the right price. A glass of red wine a day keeps the doctor away !